Ratrock 2021 The Mars Model



In 2019, THE MARS MODEL took shape, a group of friends and like-minded individuals from the Kortrijk/Lille area wanted to create something different.

Almost a year of hard and intense rehearsals resulted in a 4 track album (Francobelga) that same year. A few shows where played in order to promote the record and then the world stopped for a while.

All planned shows where cancelled...However in November 2020 the band released another surprising product..the two track SISTER GLORY/FROZEN IN TIME 12"ep on the Kortrijk based label FX7 RECORDS. Covid was in full bloom and the record sold pretty fast in about two months and is actually almost gone.

THE MARS MODEL brings listeners a fully-formed outspoken vision that presented a variety of attractive power, dramatic swells and energetic, explosive riffing and outspoken messages.

THE MARS MODEL is on a break-out for 2021-2022. The band is booked at the legendary Sinners Day festival and will play some shows in France pretty soon...but more importantly they do fit on the Rat Rock festival for sure.