Ratrock 2021 Lavvi Ebbel



"Victoria", "Telepathia", "Telephone" and "Give Me a Gun" are some of the many hits of this 8-piece steamy funk rock new wave band from the early eighties led by showmaster Lucas Vandertaelen.

Many people also know "No Place To Go" because of the legendary Belpop compilation LP "Get Sprouts".

However, after 2 years, the band broke up and reunited in 2013.
In 2014 they released the compilation album "Guns and Crëpe Flambée".

Lavvi Ebbel started touring again and it soon became apparent that they have not lost any of their strong live reputation.

The "Belgian Talking Heads" with whom their music is sometimes compared, are still as razor-sharp as they used to be!

Ambience assured!