Ratrock 2021 Der Klinke



New Wave has been Hot in West Flanders, TC Matic in Ostend and Red zebra in Brugges, This band has musicians from both regions. that must be a Hit

This is what “DER KLINKE” is… founded in 2009 with an audible love for both Fad Gadget and Sisters of Mercy. Frontman Chesko from Ostend is also keyboards with The Bollock Brothers and we find Red Zebra's Sam Claeys on bass.

Pure Newwave, Darkwave, in 2020 with its own sound, its own unique dynamic, pure, dark and extremely danceable, and just like Oh La LaLa or I can't live in a living room, DER KLINKE also has a ticket with “The Doll” to immortality because this classic has been a fixture at any new wave party for years, has already been played on Radio 1, and has been released by various record labels.

In 2019 they were already allowed to blow out 10 candles, an anniversary year that was also celebrated with the release of a 5th full album “Decade”, which is currently completely sold out on both CD and vinyl.
They are continuing to work on a new album this year and as a result will only do five performances in Belgium this year.

So definitely not to be missed!