Ratrock 2021 Anzium



Back in 2011, friends Christian (bass), Francis (guitar) and Peter (guitar) joined forces to create something from the inspiration they built up since the heydays of the first punk wave. Blast! was born. A band cannot run on strings only, so musicians were found and replaced. Aiming to create songs that gather the best of punk, grunge and power rock of the last decades, it is probably not a coincidence that the right harmonies blasted through the rehearsal room after youngsters Matthias (drums) and Bert (vocals) had joined the band.


After 4 years of writing, rehearsing and increasing their fan base on stage with this line-up, the time was right to take a step forward. 2019 was all about the recording of first album ‘Vitamin W’ and kicking off with a new name, Anzium.


Sometimes with a message, sometimes with a smile, but always with a heart for melodic rock music that will move you, without detours. Anzium is an element that is found in rock compositions. No acid, no metal. Highly energetic, extremely radio-active.