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‘punx ip brugpensioen’

30 jaar geleden liep de jeugd rond met gekleurd piekhaar, veiligheidsspelden

en luisterden ze naar afschuwelijke muziek (sic. de ouders).

Om deze toffe periode wat levendig te houden en vooral om zichzelf eeuwig jeugdig te voelen,

spelen 4 ‘jongeren’ gekende nummers van toen (sex pistols, ramones, sham 69, the kids...)

en nu (green day, pennywise, blink 182, ...).

Waarom punk-rock?

PUNKROCK = het summum van de rock en muziek in het algemeen!

PUNKROCK = kritiek op de maatschappij, want een ideale wereld is het nog niet!

PUNKROCK = positieve energie en een manier om te ontstressen!

‘Punk is dead’ – misschien wel, but ... who the fuck cares? 1 – 2 – 3 – bier!

Peter ‘Peetn’ Allaert – zang

Wouter ‘Worre’ Delbeke – gitaar

Peter ‘Putje’ Vanfleteren – bas

Rikie ‘Rit’n’ Seynaeve – drum

Die nakse Bananen

Deef (trommels)

Iwan (strot)

Nak (6 snaren)

Colin (4 snaren)

Home Town: Rotterdam

About: Started in 1990 to fight boredom and still going strong.

What started on January 1, 1990 as a musical guerilla against boredom, has today become one of the most (in)famous punk bands of the Netherlands. Die Nakse Bananen (tranlated "Those Naked Bananas"); Loved, hated, cherished, threatened, screwed, appreciated, observed and ignored: Die Nakse Bananen have seen it all. Where Die Nakse Bananen appear something happens that won't make your mommy and daddy very happy!

Wat op 1 januari 1990 begon als een muzikale guerilla tegen de versaaïng is anno vandaag uitgegroeid tot één van ’s-neerlands bekendste punkbands. Die Nakse Bananen. Geliefd, gehaat, bemind, bedreigd, gedist, gewaardeerd, opgemerkt en genegeerd: Die Nakse Bananen heeft het allemaal gezien, beleefd en meegemaakt. Daar waar Die Nakse Bananen verschijnen gebeurd iets en meestal zijn pappa’s en mama’s daar niet blij mee!

Dying ego’s

formerly 3 plain dudes without knowledge (Toon, Pascal and Freek) and just having fun without a drummer...along came a dudette with musical knowledge playing violin and guitar.... They were nothing without the beats so after a while they found this wandering punk called Skinny who happened to have the beats....And so came the music and their first EP "dead along the road." The dudette after a while went searching for new opportunities and now it is just 4 dudes fucking things up, entertaining people and having fun...


We are NETRA and we play straightforward punk in your face influenced by the life we're living in.

Turpentine Valley

post-metal, post-hardcore, instrumental, rock

Turpentine Valley was founded in 2013. They play instrumental post-metal

Turpentine Valley ...

Back to basics! Drums-gitaar-bas! Titels die teksten overbodig maken. Muziek die je treft tot in de ziel en meeneemt op een instrumentale rollercoaster van log gerommel, melodieus getokkel en strak getrommel. 3 gelijkgestemde zielen, 1 muur van geluid: zwaar, maar meeslepend. Van tergend traag tot opzwepend hitsig. Post-hardcore, -rock, -metal, -whatever … tonnen passie en massa’s speelplezier, daar draait het om. 

Turpentine Valley is:

Kristof Balduyck – gitaar

Thomas Maes – bas

Roel Berlaen -drums

Cabal 22

Hard & apart - Vox, bass & drum

DIY garage hardcore punk

Zombie crows

founded in 2014


Band Members: NikNiTro: upright bass/lead vocal, ZORcK: drums/backing vox, andre: guitar/backing vox

Home Town: La Louvière


Mark Foggo

Hello Ska People! Once Seen, Never Forgotten! Feel Good Ska Mayhem 

MARK FOGGO makes fast, loud, high energy feel-good ska music. Mark Foggo started out at just 14 years old and he has toured the world countless times delighting his fans with his unique fast, exciting and electrifying performances. His newest release 'Live at Fiesta La Mass’ (recorded In France) has proven to be just as passionate and energetic as ever! In many ways this release sees him coming full circle, demonstrating that while trends and times have changed, Mark Foggo's commitment to playing dynamic music has only grown stronger! Yet Mark Foggo is a difficult artist to pin down. We’re not sure what’s more impressive, the fact that Mark Foggo has sold tens of thousands of albums worldwide or his unique ability to combine such a wide range of musical influences. Ska, punk, rock and rockabilly can all found in his unique sound. Another interesting fact is that the band appeals to all festival fans of every musical genre around the globe. “Not many bands are able to have such a wide range of appeal"(**Text excerpt taken from EX Magazine, Engl. ed, Tokyo, Japan)

MARK FOGGO is a dynamic performer. His music is best described as modern, bizarre, non-influenced & up tempo ska. The fast catchy songs and sensational live-shows are an unforgettable experience.

Born in Liverpool, England, Mark Foggo began his musical career at the age of fourteen but moved south to London a few years later to seek his fame and fortune as a guitar player soon he had changed from guitar-player to frontman and formed his first band called "Mark Foggo's Secret Meeting". They recorded the single "New Shoes" and he released it on his own label "Top Hole" The song turned out to be a succes and Polydor Records offered them a contract. With Polydor, the band recorded their first album "Speeding my life away". The album was an instant hit.

After "Speeding my life away" Mark released some more music as a solo artist on various record labels (EMI & BONI) and by this time he was only playing ska, all the punk influences had disappeared and he became a total ska addict.

The first ska-album Mark Foggo released was "Ska Pig". Ska pig was a huge hit with the ska-public. Today the album is considered to be a classic in the genre. After "Ska Pig" Mark Foggo released 11 more CD's. The latest cd "MAD" contains 12 brand new, original tracks of irresistible ska music mayhem. Worldwide record sales have made Mark Foggo one of the planets best known names in ska.



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